Articles by Ken Harrington

Located directly on Bavaro Beach in Los Corales, Soles is somewhat of a local hangout and probably the oldest establishment around as they celebrated their 10th anniversary not to long ago. During the day, it more of a place to…Read more


Areito Disco

Located in front of Caribe Club Princess, Areito has 3 bars where you can get the best national and international drinks. Areito Disco has a modern “Lounge Bar” with flat screens and a large dance floor with a modern style….Read more


Mangu Disco

Mangu Disco is quit simply, where the night ends! It’s hard to describe, but you very rarely plan on going out to Mangu. But eventually, you’ll end up there. Just trust me on that on. Located in Bavaro right outside…Read more



Very cool multi-cultured bar with a with a variety people from all walks of life and from different counties. Liqui2 is a small place right at the entrances of an area known as Los Corales. They have great music, from…Read more

Steves Corner Bar has always been a talked about local hangout for locals, but primarily expatriates and tourists. Centrally located in Plaza Punta Cana at Avenue Espana & Calle Italia, it’s a bar thats great for tourists or people from…Read more


Oro Nightclub

ORO Nightclub is the new gem of the Caribbean inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Modeled to rival Las Vegas and Miami’s finest nightclubs, ORO boasts over 14,000s square feet of space across two levels and features…Read more



Punta Cana’s hottest disco! To grasp the concept of this disco you’re going to have use your imagination. Straight out of a fairy tale, this castle converted to a disco is unlike any other night spot you have ever seen….Read more